About Us

Our entire staff is assembled for one purpose: to serve our patients. We pride ourselves on being a very patient-centered practice. We always take the time to listen to you so we can better understand the day-to-day challenges you are facing as a result of hearing difficulties. We find that this is the best way to develop treatment goals and intervention strategies that are both relevant and achievable.

We are a very social group.  Give us 5 minutes of free time and we can often be found clustered around the front desk talking to each other or to anyone who will listen to us.  And that is precisely why we are doing what we do today.  Nothing would create a greater void in our lives than the inability or diminished ability to join in a conversation.  And we are passionate about making sure that we fix that problem for everyone who comes our way.


Steven D. Sederholm, Au.D.

Steven D. Sederholm, Au.D is a Doctor of Audiology who has been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years.  As Past President of the Florida Academy of Audiology, Dr. Sederholm is well-respected by colleagues and patients alike.

Steven Sederholm received his Doctorate of Audiology degree from the University of Florida.  He is a member of the American Academy of Audiology and has served as President of the Florida Academy of Audiology.  Dr.  Sederholm served on the American Board of Audiology and is a Board Certified Audiologist.

Dr.  Sederholm was born with a severe hearing loss in both ears.  “It is comforting for a patient to walk into the office, explain their problem, and know that I understand exactly what they’re talking about,” Dr.  Sederholm says.

At the Audiology Doctors of Florida, Inc., we understand that selecting the right hearing aids is just the beginning of dealing with your hearing loss.  That’s why we offer a variety of related services designed to improve the quality of your life.

Benefits of a Doctor’s Care

Dr. Sederholm conducts a computerized hearing evaluation.

A Doctor of Audiology is trained to do much more than merely sell hearing aids. They provide a full range of hearing care services, along with complete and accurate information.

We understand that selecting the right hearing aids is just the beginning of dealing with your hearing loss. That’s why we offer a variety of related services designed to improve the quality of your life.

Before purchasing your hearing aids, our doctors will perform a hearing evaluation. We will use the results of this test, along with your personal preferences, to determine which hearing aids would give you the most satisfaction. Of course constant improvements are being made in the hearing aid industry, including the development of miniature, high-tech computerized instruments. There are many choices in a wide price range that will work within your budget.

After you have received your hearing instruments, you will be asked to schedule several follow-up visits. We want to be sure that you are hearing well, and that you are happy with your hearing aids.

During these visits, your doctor will discuss additional skills that make living with a hearing loss that much easier.

We are genuinely concerned about your hearing and the quality of service you receive. Feel free to call us. We truly care.

Developing a Long-Term Partnership

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and the personal relationships you will develop with our staff will continue long after your initial appointment. We understand that ongoing counseling, periodic adjustments and regular hearing aid cleanings are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing and we are committed to being here to support your every need.

Continuing Education

Although we’re smart enough to know that we don’t know everything, we’re dedicated enough to try!  To make sure we stay on top of both the latest advances in technology and the current research related to hearing we attend many conferences, seminars and conventions every year.  In addition we belong to the American Academy of Audiology, a professional organization that provides us with a wealth of information.